Protecting your vision is an essential part of maintaining your overall health. The ophthalmologists (eye surgeons) at Evernorth Care Group optimize your eyesight by treating common eye conditions with surgical precision.

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Your team of vision experts

Our board-certified ophthalmologists have the highest training available. Whether you come to us for a complex eye disease surgery or follow-up exam, you get care and attention from a team of experienced experts. Common procedures we perform include cataract surgery and glaucoma surgery.

Compassionate surgical care

You may be a little uneasy about undergoing eye surgery. Our compassionate surgeons and nurses ease your concerns. We answer your questions and equip you with the resources you need to have a stress-free experience.

Our surgical team performs thousands eye surgeries per year, giving us a high level of experience. From common conditions to complex cases, we restore vision and protect your eyes during and after surgery.

Our modern surgery center in downtown Phoenix was designed with you in mind. Spacious waiting rooms and recovery areas prioritize your comfort and recovery. Our expert nursing staff supports your surgeon and meets your needs during your time at the surgery center.

Ophthalmologists complete 5 to 7 years of training and hold a medical degree. This advanced training enables them to recognize changes in the eye that may be a sign of other health conditions, like diabetes. Your ophthalmologist communicates eye changes to your primary care provider. This partnered approach to care gives your providers a complete picture of your overall health.

Our staff ensures you and the person accompanying you on the day of surgery are well-informed. We go over medications, wound care and other recovery details. A few days after surgery, you receive a follow-up call where one of our nurses checks on your recovery progress. We make sure your healing is on track.


Our highly trained ophthalmologists help restore your vision with effective surgical treatments. You can count on our ophthalmology team to care for you with excellence and compassion.  


We offer ophthalmology services at three locations in the valley. If you have eye concerns, ask your provider for a referral.

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