Medicina Geriátrica

En Evernorth Care Group, entendemos que las necesidades de atención médica cambian a medida que envejece. Es por eso que nuestro equipo de geriatras (médicos que se especializan en el envejecimiento) personaliza cada aspecto de su atención médica, ayudándolo a mantenerse activo e independiente el mayor tiempo posible.

Geriatric Medicine Geriatric Medicine
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Comprehensive Geriatric Care

Chronic (long-term) conditions may become more complex as you get older. Our board-certified physicians prevent and treat diseases common in older adults, including diabetes, arthritis and congestive heart failure. At Evernorth Care Group, your team of geriatric specialists delivers full-spectrum care that allows you to live life to the fullest.

Our Services

We provide personalized, affordable primary care to seniors with multiple chronic conditions. Our compassionate geriatric medicine team helps you stay well with:

Managing multiple chronic conditions can feel overwhelming. We make sure you and your caregivers have the support and resources needed to slow or treat disease and reduce symptoms. Your care team helps you feel your best with medication management services, regular appointments and recommendations for lifestyle changes.

Evernorth Care Group has 17 onsite pharmacies that can handle all your prescription needs. When your geriatrician prescribes a medication, you can often pick it up at a convenient pharmacy under the same roof. Our clinical pharmacists collaborate with your geriatrician, monitoring side effects and adjusting your medication when needed.

Your geriatrician may refer you to a specialist if you have issues with your feet, vision or hearing. At Evernorth Care Group, our specialists work together with your geriatrician. Your doctors share information about your medical care and create a plan to optimize your health.

Your provider connects you to an experienced surgeon when needed. We designed our modern outpatient surgery center with your safety and comfort in mind. And costs for surgery are predictable since our surgical teams’ partner with Evernorth Care Group.

Meet our providers

As geriatricians, we specialize in preventing, diagnosing and treating conditions that affect older adults. We partner with you and your caregivers to manage chronic ailments and keep you as healthy and independent as possible.


We offer geriatric medicine care at our North Valley Health Center. Call today to make an appointment.

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