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2302 N. 75th Ave.
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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm

El Centro de Salud de Westridge les conecta, a ti y a tus seres queridos, con los servicios de cuidado primario y especializado de calidad que necesitan. Ofrecemos análisis de laboratorio y pruebas de diagnóstico por imágenes, optometría, podiatría, un centro de la vista, servicios de farmacia y mucho más, todo en un solo lugar. Los expertos en servicios pediátricos le dan prioridad a tu hijo, con el asesoramiento médico de expertos y citas en el mismo día. Nuestros geriatras especializados se dedican a atender a nuestros pacientes mayores, para que puedan mantener una buena calidad de vida. Y los especialistas en salud del comportamiento integrados promueven hábitos saludables en el hogar, el trabajo y la escuela.

Cuando necesites opciones flexibles o servicios multilingües, en el Centro de Salud de Westridge podrás obtenerlos. Programa una cita para el mismo día para hacerte análisis de sangre de rutina o pruebas especializadas, o simplemente concurre sin cita previa. Pide medicamentos con receta, que podrás recoger o recibir en tu hogar. Si no puedes visitarnos en persona, un médico certificado podrá atenderte en línea con cómodas citas virtuales, desde tu teléfono, tableta o computadora. En el Centro de Salud de Westridge, nuestra prioridad es que mantengas un buen estado de salud, con un acceso fácil y la atención de expertos.

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Evernorth Care Group

2302 N 75th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85035, USA
80 reviews
Samuel Longoria
8 months ago
Been coming here for over 20 years. The employees are friendly helpful and they care. Adult, pediatric and labs all in one place. Awesome..
Anita l Egelhoff
4 months ago
Love all the staff and well treated and sincere, excellent care
Jan Mendez
2 years ago
The staff has always been friendly. I have never had an unpleasant experience with the staff. However, my experience with Dr. Kranich today was totally different. He is very arrogant. He doesn’t listen. I had my Brother in for a simple pre-op physical. It’s not rocket science. The MA did more than he did. He mentioned some cardiac issue that supposedly my Brother had 22 years ago that neither one of us was aware of and when I asked where he got the information, he said “it doesn’t say”. I scheduled the appointment with him because he had the later appointment which made it easier for me to get off work, even though Dr. Bennett is my Brother’s normal Dr. He said to me “honestly, I don’t know why you just didn’t schedule with Dr. Bennett”. When I told him, all he said was “well, you should have just seen Dr. Bennett”. I couldn’t believe how he had treated both of us. Needless to say, I will most likely have to reschedule my Brothers procedure because of him. They did not even do an EKG or anything. I am definitely not happy with him and will probably end up changing his PCP because I want someone who will listen and not think he is better than everyone else.
Breakeven Paradox
a year ago
kids dpt is great. clean fast friendly. can get nxt day appts. dr wysoski is super awesome. my kids love her. if you go ask for her. dr tocyap seemed far less attentive and less personable. if you go to adult side then they are just ok. seem like they are just there for the paycheck. they dismiss your concerns so they dont have to treat you. adult appts are about 2mo out so hope you can wait to be treated. dr wysoski is the kids nurses are the only reason this place achieved 4 stars. deff dont bother the records staff for anything. they are apparantly too overworked or something to just smile.
Judith McGuire
6 years ago
Dr Baldinado was absolutely wonderful. He actually took the time to review my records & medical history and took the time to get to know me a little, listen to my concerns and answered all of my questions clearly and concisely. After reviewing my history and discussing the options, he sent out referrals to the specialists that I needed and set everything into motion so we could start working on my road to a tolerable recovery. I was also very impressed with his staff. They were all friendly and knowledgeable, professional and informative. I appreciate all of them and I'm so very blessed and thankful to have them in my corner for my medical care and support.