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1840 S. Stapley Dr.
Mesa, AZ 85204
Estados Unidos

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Monday - Friday 8:00am - 6:30pm
Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm

En el Centro de Especialidades y de Atención de Urgencia de Stapley, los médicos y especialistas utilizan sus conocimientos especializados y recursos avanzados para cuidar tu salud integral, tanto física como mental. El centro les conecta, a ti y a tus seres queridos, con una amplia gama de servicios de cuidado primario y especializado. Además, ofrecemos todo tipo de servicios, desde cuidado de urgencia, laboratorio y pruebas de diagnóstico por imágenes (incluidas mamografías 3D) y cirugía hasta pediatría, audiología, optometría, servicios de farmacia y mucho más, todo en un solo lugar.

El Servicio de Tratamientos Anticoagulantes del Centro de Especialidades de Stapley se asegura de que los anticoagulantes no te impidan vivir bien, mientras que nuestro equipo de salud del comportamiento integrado ayuda a promover hábitos saludables. Además, proporcionamos un centro de cuidado de urgencia para tus enfermedades y lesiones menos graves. Cuando no puedas visitarnos en persona, nuestros médicos dedicados podrán atenderte en línea con cómodas citas virtuales, desde tu teléfono, tableta o computadora. Con nosotros, la salud y el bienestar de tu familia están en manos especializadas y compasivas.

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Evernorth Care Group

1840 S Stapley Dr #101, Mesa, AZ 85204, USA
153 reviews
Frederickthe Photographer
a year ago
Met my new Doctor today. She was nice and actually took the time to listen to my concerns. Unlike most Doctors running in the room and back out in five minutes.. Hopefully we can grow old together, I hate switching Doctors. Dr Baier was great! ***Follow-up I had a few questions after my visit regarding test results. I messaged thinking I would get the Dr. but instead a nurse responded a few times and didn't answer my questions. I feel like she was rude and not helpful at all. I canceled my follow-up visit and went somewhere else.
Dennis Hubert
2 months ago
Nice large facility, yet they managed to keep it feeling homey. The staff is great from the reception desk to the assistants and doctors all the way to checkout. Contented sigh
Lisa Collins
4 months ago
Dr. Hattab and his MA, Stacey were amazing. Dr. Hattab spent over an hour with my grandmother, my aunt, and me as we discussed my grandmothers declining health. He took time to answer questions, explaining medications, conditions, and we left his office with a definitive plan of care to give my grandmother the best possible quality of life. I have never encountered such a thorough, caring physician. He showed compassion and empathy during our time with him; traits that are not always found in healthcare. I am so thankful to have Dr. Hattab as a resource for my grandmother's health journey.
Miss Shopalot
5 years ago
This is my closest urgent care and I have Cigna medical. You would think this would make things more fluid....NOT! I would give Doctors 3+ stars for service and short wait to get in (probably because its mostly hidden) Im taking away stars because of the asinine way to enter the pharmacy.... I entered through urgent care, dropped off scripts, went outside to talk in privacy to my family about my health and the door was locked. Individuals behind the desk on the Pharmacy side (not directly in the pharmacy) had headset on and told the people inside to signal to me to go BACK AROUND the dark building and re-enter again through urgent care. So I had to touch the urgent care door 3 times total. I'm not even at the office for anything viral and sadly Id likely get introduced to something else just to get to the pharmacy. GRR!! I've learned my lesson, keep meds at Frys even though I have Cigna, it doesnt mean it will work better. The pharmacy door should stay open, super inconvenient! Hate for someone to have really been sick or couldnt walk from illness. There was a security guard there and a sign that couldnt be read on the door due to the lighting. FIX IT CIGNA! This does not work. -Lady behind desk ignoring customers, having other sick guest attend to other sick guest -The dark corner you must walk around from pharmacy to urgent care
Richard Garcia
8 months ago
Dr Grotsky was late to the designated appointment by 15 minutes. we were asked to show up 15 minutes before our appointment, thank goodness we didn’t because that would had been 30 minute wait. Our daughter was then tested and she was now over it 15 minutes into the test. Then we had to wait another 20 minutes for Grotsky to finish the paperwork! Get it together!!!