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Pharmacy Vaccination Program

Opt-in to 2024 Pricing Structure

Vaccines are an essential part of maintaining a person’s health and vitality. In order to maintain the widest access to vaccines for your members, we need to ensure we are paying for vaccine services appropriately.


The vaccine administration fee includes the cost of the pharmacists’ time to administer the vaccine as well as the cost of any specialized training, refrigeration, and ancillary administrative paperwork required to perform the vaccination.


The updated Vaccine Administration Fee pricing schedule reflects the following for all lines of business: 

  • Influenza Vaccine Claims will be capped at $20 

  • All other Vaccine Claims will be capped $25 

  • Covid-19 Vaccine Claims will be capped at $40

Covering vaccinations at retail pharmacies for your members can help: 

  • Improve affordability by saving an average of $70 on common vaccines when administered at the pharmacy vs. at a physician’s office.

  • Increase convenience as members will likely already be spending time at the pharmacy stocking up on necessities to treat common illnesses more prevalent in the colder months of the year.
  • Reduce stress for your members by allowing them to continue to receive their vaccinations at their local pharmacy.

By updating the fee structure associated with the Pharmacy Vaccination Program, we are again delivering on our commitment to ensuring participating pharmacies, especially smaller and independent pharmacies, are being appropriately reimbursed for their time and expertise.


To accept the new pricing structure for vaccines, simply fill out the fields below and agree to the updated Terms & Conditions. Reach out to your Account Representative with any questions or concerns prior to filling out the form.


Reminder: This enrollment can only be completed at the Carrier Level.


For sub-carrier level enrollment, please use this form.

Pharmacy Vaccination Program Administration Fees Acceptance Form

Thank you.
Thank you for opting in to the new pricing structure for vaccines.