Workplace Health and Safety During COVID-19 and Beyond

Returning to work quickly and safely is top of mind for employers and employees.
Workplace Health and Safety During COVID-19 and Beyond

Deciding to close worksites due to the COVID-19 pandemic was difficult. Deciding how to reopen may be even harder.

Just as employers lacked a map for temporarily closing their offices, shops and other places of business, no single blueprint shows how and when to reopen. Express Scripts can help with these difficult decisions. We have expanded our clinical offerings to enable employers to reopen workplaces as quickly and safely as possible with digital and onsite health support.

Deciding when to reopen – and who should return to the workplace

Our COVID-19 Risk Dashboard allows employers to cross-reference higher-risk employees with current COVID-19 infection rate data, helping identify vulnerable populations within high- and low-risk areas at the national, state and county levels. The dashboard also provides comparisons at the state and county levels.

This information is crucial when deciding when to reopen and which employees can return to work.

Assessing health and safety measures

More than 85% of employers are planning new health and office safety measures, ranging from testing requirements to new site entry policies, supplying masks and (when available) vaccinations.

When workplaces reopen, employers must remain vigilant to minimize the possibility of people coming to work while sick and exposing others. A new workplace clearance tool, powered by Express Scripts and Buoy Health, offers a safe and secure way to protect employees. It incorporates guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help categorize each worker’s risk level as low, medium or high. This simple, mobile-optimized tool allows people to quickly and safely self-screen before arriving at work. After answering a brief questionnaire to assess symptoms and exposure, they are cleared to enter their workplace or instructed to stay home.

The tool comes with an interactive dashboard that provides an aggregated view – broken down by date, time and location – to help employers understand shifts in workplace infection rates.

Employers can see how many employees reported they had tested positive for COVID-19, displayed symptoms or were exposed to someone with the virus. To safeguard worker privacy, employers cannot access an individual’s symptoms or questionnaire responses.

Turn to Express Scripts for reliable information about COVID-19

As the pandemic continues to evolve, we are tracking the changes directly and indirectly associated with COVID-19 and developing tools and resources to help our plan sponsors and members adjust and adapt.

More information, including a list of solutions to help safeguard financial, physical and mental health during this crisis, is available by visiting these resources: Returning to the Worksite and Helping Members During COVID-19.


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