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As champions for affordable, predictable, and simple health care, we’re no strangers to taking on your toughest challenges – from rising costs to increasingly fragmented care. Today, we embark on a new journey with the introduction of Evernorth, a new brand for our growing, high-performing health services portfolio built on the recognition that health makes progress possible.

Being in the final stages of preparing Evernorth for market, in the middle of a pandemic with most of our teams at home, served as a daily reminder of why we are we building Evernorth for you.

Because health care is not predictable, and you need a partner that can help you solve the toughest health care challenges others don’t, won’t, or can’t.

Through Evernorth, we’re accelerating delivery of innovative and flexible solutions to meet the diverse needs of health plans, employers, and government organizations. In launching this new brand, we are reimagining our ways of working, bringing best-in-class capabilities together in new ways to create powerful solutions that:

  • Help you help your employees and members;
  • Push your business forward; and
  • Invest in your success.

There are a number of important characteristics that distinguish Evernorth in the marketplace and enable us to deliver differentiated value:  

First is our relentless, data-driven approach to innovation to see what others don’t. With a unique vantage point across all critical moments of care and advanced data and analytics capabilities, Evernorth couples meaningful insights with deep clinical expertise to provide solutions that advance innovation in health care. Our recently launched, client-specific COVID-19 dashboard is an example of the actionable insights we can create for our clients.

Second is a proven approach to sustainable partnerships to achieve what others won’t. Evernorth has a deep commitment to partnering in unconventional ways. With our open business model and unbiased approach, Evernorth is equipped to solve complex problems across a fragmented health care ecosystem. Every player across the system is viewed as a potential partner with whom we can build solutions or who can benefit from our solutions.  

Third is a deeply rooted customer-centric orientation and philosophy that delivers solutions designed to meet the specific needs of those we serve, in a way that others can’t. Evernorth brings together differentiated capabilities and specialized expertise – from inside and outside the company – to deliver custom and flexible solutions that meet the needs of our clients and customers in ways that unlock greater value and better health. 

Several existing and newly developed solutions are already demonstrating the promise of Evernorth. For example, our Healthy Ways to Work suite of solutions to help health plans and employers move forward by addressing the unique challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. A new comprehensive fertility solution, FamilyPathSM, will help reduce avoidable costs, provide holistic care coordination, and deliver more flexible options for families.   

Evernorth solutions also include Embarc Benefit ProtectionSM, which ensures access to high-cost gene therapies for those who need it most, and inMyndSM, a connected solution that helps clients and customers better recognize, treat, and support mental health conditions.

Safely returning to work… infertility… high-cost therapy acesss… mental health…these are the types of challenges that Evernorth was designed to address – complex, timely, and critical.

These solutions, and others that you should expect from us, are in addition to our robust offerings across our health services portfolio from businesses like Express Scripts, Accredo, CuraScriptSD, and eviCore. 

It is my privilege to lead Evernorth and deliver to you best-in-class health solutions. Health isn’t the finish line, it’s the starting point of human potential and progress.

With Evernorth, we’re elevating health for all.

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