Three Ways We See Health Care Evolving

Exclusive Evernorth research identifies the top three priorities for consumers and benefit decision makers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched all parts of our lives, changing how we work, think and interact. It’s challenged our health care system in unprecedented ways, but it’s also provided opportunities to move past “what once was” and think about “what could be.”

Our pursuit to elevate health for all begins with listening to the needs of the people at the center of our work: health care consumers and the decision-makers responsible for providing health care coverage for those consumers.

Recently, we conducted a survey of more than 1,000 consumers who have employer-sponsored health insurance and more than 600 Human Resources decision-makers and health plan leaders across the United States. Viewing the health care landscape through these two lenses provided unique insight into the expectations consumers have for their benefits compared to how employers and health plans are responding.

Three key insights emerged:

  • There is great potential for virtual care. Customers expect more convenient care interactions, and COVID-19 has rapidly accelerated this need. Emerging technological innovations will continue to reshape the end-to-end health care experience in the years to come. Consumers are open to new advances and want health care to meet them where they are, which is just part of the reason we are so excited about the potential of our combination with MDLIVE when that transaction is completed.
  • Consumers and benefit managers are on a proactive quest for whole-person health. Behavioral health conditions have a massive impact on our health care system, and COVID-19 has underscored the connection between physical, mental and social health. Before the pandemic, one in five adults were affected by a mental health condition and U.S. spending totaled $225 billion. During COVID-19, the percentage of people reporting anxiety and depressive disorders skyrocketed from 11 percent to 40 percent in just one year. This may explain why Consumers and decision-makers both expressed a strong desire for whole-person support and behavioral health benefits, and they are eager to be more proactive participants in wellness.
  • A desire for greater predictability and affordability. Keeping health care costs down remains a consistent priority for both consumers and decision-makers. Consumers seek predictability and affordability in their care. Plan sponsors are eager to deliver but need to balance how to do more with less – and still provide high-quality, low-cost, high-touch care that is easy to navigate.

With Evernorth, we are positioned to deliver new, comprehensive and connected solutions that address these priority areas by aligning our capabilities from across our broad portfolio. We look forward to connecting with our clients to discuss these insights, and to collaborating with them to address the needs that are most important to the patients who we serve together.

Download our “Health Care in Focus” report for an in-depth look at the data and insights.

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