Addressing the Need for Predictability and Affordability of Health Care

“Health Care in Focus” report identifies consumers’ desire for predictability and the tools to make that happen.

Now more than ever, consumers desire predictability in their health coverage and care. According to a recent Evernorth survey, they’re seeking tools to make that happen, especially when searching for providers, managing health plan information and estimating the cost of care or medications. They also expressed that they want their health care experience to be more like shopping online.

Consumers are not the only group needing more predictability when it comes to costs and care. Our survey found that plan sponsors are continuing to balance how they can expand health care coverage while providing high-quality, low-cost, high-touch care.

To address these challenges, plan sponsors can keep these tips in mind:

  • Utilize data and advanced analytics to identify a path for plans to manage their costs. These tools also can give consumers cost clarity and certainty. In addition to helping avoid surprises, this allows for more informed choices.
  • Thoughtfully select clinical programs to offer access while controlling costs. For example, a program that limits copays for insulin helps patients save money while improving adherence, which reduces downstream medical costs.
  • Implement benefits that reflect growing member needs. For example, 60 percent of women ages 25-45 express interest in additional fertility benefits offered by their insurance plan or employer. As another example, 93 percent of consumers believe their employer should provide benefits for whole-person health, including mental health support.

While consumers and health care decision-makers are aligned on the desire to expand care, lower costs and provide greater predictability, plan sponsors ultimately must balance benefits and potential cost savings.

Our “Health Care in Focus” report identifies three key trends:

  • An increased acceptance and adoption of virtual health care solutions
  • A proactive quest for whole-person health
  • A desire for greater predictability and affordability

Download the full report for an in-depth look at the data and insights.

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