A New Path to Parenthood with FamilyPath Fertility Benefits

Evernorth is now offering a new suite of fertility benefits to give hopeful parents a safer and more affordable journey to parenthood, while helping plan sponsors reduce avoidable costs.
FamilyPath Launch

Odds are we all know someone who has underwent fertility treatment in their quest to begin or expand a family.  By 2025, an estimated 10 million couples may experience challenges having a baby -- that’s 20 million Americans who will be going through the stressful emotional and physical experience of starting a family with fertility treatment.

While fertility options, and the number people who rely on them, have grown and evolved significantly, navigating treatment remains overwhelming, complex, and expensive. The majority of families (approximately 80%) seeking fertility care have little or no fertility coverage, leading them to leverage credit cards and long-term savings to afford the care. With so much on the line, patients are more likely to make riskier choices, based on misinformation and limited budgets. Missing from the current process is support to help patients navigate the complex treatment options and make the best and most informed decisions about their care.

Recently, my own family witnessed the complexity of fertility care when my daughter sought treatment. Her experience amplified for me that there is a significant unmet need for an effective solution to make the family planning journey affordable, simple and predictable for hopeful families. There’s also been a growing chorus of plan sponsors eager for a solution that allows them to better support employees and members on this journey.

With FamilyPath, our new suite of advanced fertility benefits delivers hopeful parents a better journey to parenthood, while helping health plans and employers reduce avoidable costs and attract top talent.

FamilyPath is a perfect example of what Evernorth has to offer since it draws on businesses in our health services portfolio like Express Scripts, Accredo, Freedom Fertility, and eviCore, to create a comprehensive, flexible and integrated solution that includes:

  • Comprehensive medical and treatment guidelines that support appropriate and cost-effective care
  • A dedicated fertility advisor to help patients understand success rates and minimize health risks
  • Integrated pharmacy management to help patients manage fertility medications and supplies, shipment, and potential side effects
  • Pharmacy support available 24/7 to provide guidance on medication regimens, which often include mixing, storing and self-administration at specific dates and times, which vary based on a women’s own monthly cycle
  • Wide network of providers and testing labs that meet rigorous credentialing and quality standards, and offer families greater choice and flexibility in their fertility journey
  • Post-Birth education and services to help set parents up for early successes

This is also a benefit that employers shouldn’t ignore for their employees and future talent: a recent survey shows that 57% of employees would be willing to switch jobs if a new employer offered coverage that includes IVF and egg freezing. Additionally, 61% of employees feel more loyal when fertility services are covered.

Everyone who wants to start or expand their family deserves to do it with the appropriate financial, mental, and physical support needed to make that happen. There are many paths that one can take but we’re confident that with FamilyPath, we’ve developed a best-in-class offering that not only drives down the high cost of fertility care for all, but also puts the dream of building a family within reach for many more Americans.

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