COVID-19 Digital Vaccine Record Will Accelerate a Healthy and Safe Return to Life

Evernorth is joining a coalition to give people secure and easy access to their COVID-19 vaccine records on their phones.

This week, Evernorth joined a cross-section of industry leaders within the public and private sector to ensure that people vaccinated for COVID-19 have digital access to their vaccination record. Together, we are developing a standard COVID-19 vaccine credential in an accessible, interoperable, digital format in partnership with Microsoft, Mayo Clinic, Epic, Oracle, MITRE and many others.

There is no greater priority right now than helping people return to work, school, travel and life in general in a healthy and safe way. Through this coalition, Evernorth is bringing our deep expertise navigating a fragmented health care system to help design and drive adoption of the digital vaccine record. We are committed to putting people in charge of their own health data while also accelerating our return to normal.

The coalition’s initiative will provide people with access to an encrypted digital copy of their COVID-19 immunization record at no cost, which can be stored in a digital health wallet on any mobile device (iOS or Android). We are also creating a paper credential for those without smartphones. In addition to digital proof of vaccination, a person can opt-in for second dose reminders, self-report adverse events and side effects to support research, and more. The coalition will pilot the digital vaccine record in the coming weeks and expand availability throughout 2021.

We are committed to fostering advancements in digital health that puts people safely and securely in charge of their personal health information. In the short term, we will all benefit from returning to a more “normal” life as quickly as possible. Looking further ahead, having a secure, universal digital platform at our fingertips – one at the intersection of a person’s medical, pharmacy and lifestyle data – will revolutionize how people can take control of their health and well-being.

We are proud to be part of this vaccine credential coalition to take on one of healthcare’s biggest challenges.

To learn more about how we are helping employers and plans navigate the dynamic COVID-19 landscape, visit Evernorth(SM) Healthy Ways to Work.


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