Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig: CDC Guidance + COVID-19 Boosters

The CDC released new guidance for those who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Learn what this means for you and get the latest on the need for booster shots.
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We’ve turned a corner in the COVID-19 pandemic, likely due to the impact of the vaccines.

Just a few facts in the United States:

  • As of late May, more than 154 million Americans have received one shot and 117 million—or 35% of the population—are fully vaccinated.
  • In 19 states, at least 50% of adults are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.
  • The number of daily cases has remained consistently below 30,000, far lower than the peak this past January at around 250,000 cases a day.
  • The 7-day average for positive COVID tests is at 2.8%, the lowest for the pandemic.

All of this news has prompted the CDC to issue new guidance that Americans who are fully vaccinated can go without masks, even when they are indoors or in large groups.

Watch our latest installment of Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig to understand what this means and whether or not we might need booster shots.

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