Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig: The India COVID-19 Crisis

India is experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 infections that is overwhelming their health care system. Watch the latest episode of Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig to understand what this may mean for our country and life going forward.
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Early on, India instituted significant lockdown measures, which appeared to have a positive impact in keeping new COVID-19 cases and deaths much lower than in other countries. However, starting in mid-April, the country has struggled to contain a massive surge in cases, which is resulting in a huge burden for their health care system.

Through the example of India, we’re able to understand:

  • How surges in one country can affect others,
  • The impact on containment of the disease when individuals lack immunity and vaccinations lag
  • The importance of getting vaccinated in order to reach herd immunity

Watch our latest installment of Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig to get the details and sign up for our newsletter to get updated when new videos are available.

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