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Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig: COVID-19 Vaccines + Variants April Update

Watch the latest episode of Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig to get up to speed on the prevalence of five COVID-19 variants of concern in the U.S. and the status of the vaccination roll-out.

As of mid-April, the CDC reported that 130 million—more than half of all American adults—have received at least one dose. And 84 million—nearly one-third of U.S. adults—are fully vaccinated. Also, we’re consistently vaccinating 3 to 4 million Americans daily.

We’re making tremendous progress in our fight against COVID-19, but the continued prevalence of five new variants of concern increases the urgency to reach herd immunity through our vaccination efforts.

Watch our latest installment of Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig to understand variants and how wide-spread they are today.

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